July 18, 2024

MyCSULB Student portal – Connection

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Mycsulb.fyi allows you to login to CSULB (Cal State University of Long Beach) student portal. Following a recent update you may experience difficulties to connect to MyCSULB (especially if you try to sign in with okta and not SSO). Don’t panic, the above links are up to date.

I) What is MyCSULB for ?

MyCSULB’s main goal is to allow CSULB’s members (staff or students) to make their online tasks easily than without it.

I.1) What is MyCSULB (California State University Long Beach) ?

MyCSULB is the online CSULB login portal.

I.1.a) What does this MyCSULB University of california have special?

California State at Long Beach is a public, comprehensive university. CSULB first name was Los Angeles-Orange Country State college and not California State University of Long Beach. As you may have guessed, beween 1949 and 1972 CSULB was not a university but a college. It was founded by California Governor Earl Warren as a state college in 1949. Since then he has acquired various other calls than CSULB as LBSU: Long Beach State University, The Beach, Long Beach State or Cal State Beach.

I.1.b) Fact about MyCSULB long beach university

  • MyCSULB university has 39,229 students.
  • Since August 17, 2020 CSULB’s mascot is a shark and its name is Elbee ( phonetic reference to “LB”: Long Beach).
  • International students are welcome to make post bacc studies at csulb.
  • CSULB is also a research university. In fact, MyCSULB has many research programs and some of them are open to undergratuate students. You can discover them here.
  • Csulb try to be an “equal opportunity employer” for both students and staff so don’t worry about your employement or carreer. It’s the 229st Most Diverse Colleges in America (of 1,616).

I.1.c) Location and MyCSULB contact details

Csulb campus is located 25 miles from Los Angeles in Long Beach (a medium city from 75.000 to 300.000 people).

  • What is CSULB address ? CSULB Address is 1250 Bellflower Blvd, Long Beach, CA 90840, United States.
  • What is CSULB email address ? If you want to contact someone by email at CSULB you can attempt to use this format. : firstname.lastname@student.csulb.edu. If you haven’t a name you can also use MyCSULB “Contact page” to get help.
  • What is CSULB phone number? Csulb phone number is +1 562-985-4111

I.2) What are MyCSULB classes, grades and degrees?

First of all, you can fin all MyCSULB classes, courses or degrees on CULB Catalog.  

MyCSULB student satisfaction rate is 87%. You can choose between 65 different master’s degrees, four doctoral degrees and 82 types of bachelor’s degrees. There is fewer than 20 students on 24% of CSULB classes and the student-teacher ratio is 27:1 ( the number of students who attend a school or university divided by the number of teachers in the institution).  CSULB is the 819st college with the best professors (of 1,624) in America. 

I.2.a) What are My CSULB most popular pre and post classes ?

The CSULB most popular pre classes are : pre law, pre health, pre production, pre med, pre nursing and pre screen. Csulb post master np, post msn and post msw ppsc are also greatly appreciated

If you are interested you can participate to a pre professor program.

I.2.b) What can you study with MyCSULB?

There is many things you can study with MyCSULB, here you will dicover some of them. Click on links to have additional informations.

  • Biology : CSULB is the 298st Best College for Biology in America (of 1,079)
  • Nursing : CSULB is the 186st Best College for Nursing in America (of 726)
  • Psychology : CSULB is the 105st Best College for Psychology in America (of 1,100)
  • Post bacc computer science : CSULB is the 223st Best Colleges for Computer Science in America (of 868)
  • Business : CSULB is the 303st best College for Business in America (of 1,223)
  • Liberal studies : CSULB is the 79st Most Liberal College in America (of 849)
  • csulb msw (master of social work) : CSULB is the 79st Best College for Communications in America (of 917)
  • Engineering : CSULB is the 151st Best College for Engineering in America (of 467)

I.2.c) Is it possible to have a MyCSULB online degree?

Yes it is possible to work only on MyCSULB without going to school’s classrooms. It doesn’t exist a fully online programm for all kind of degrees. If you want to know more about it or to test you eligibility, the following page is for you: CSU online courses.

I.3) What is CSULB ranking?

I.3.a) Where is MyCSULB the best ?

At national scale MyCSULB is the 5th Best Hispanic-Serving Institutions (of 356), the 58th Top Public University (of 691) and the 173st Best College (of 1,652) in America.

At regional scale MyCSULB is the 8th Top Public University (of 47), the 9th Best big college (of 22) and the 10th Best College for education (of 48) in California.

It is also the 8th Best Value Colleges (of 55) and the 14st Best College (of 59) in Los Angeles Area.

I.3.b) What is CSULB ranking compared to other CSU?

Compared to other CSU, CSULB ranking is better. See details bellow.

I.3.c) What is CSULB ranking compared to other universites of California ?

All informations above come from univstats.com. If you want to have more comparison point between universities click on links bellow tables. Pages of this website are really well done. 

II) How to become MyCSULB's student ?

If you already are a CSULB student you can find, on MyCSULB, enrollment dates tab. MyCSULB enable you to see all informations you need on courses you can choose (time, fee, subject…).

II.1) How hard is MyCSULB Admission ?

CSULB is the 147st hardest college to get into (of 1,702) in America. Depending on the degree you want to choose some prerequisites can be asked. For example the gwar : Graduation Writing Assessment Requirement.

II.1.a) What is MyCSULB acceptance rate?

CSULB acceptance rate is 42%. 50% of admitted student have an ACT score between 20 and 26 or an SAT score between 1020 and 1240 (25% have less, 25% have more).

If you want to apply (it’s not free : fee is $15) Grade Point Average is very important unilike recommendation or motivation letter.

Depending on wich study you want to make, Csulb acceptance rate is different. For example : CSULB pre nursing acceptance rate is around 7% (fall 2021). This rate is not the same for other programs or other years.

II.1.b) Is it possible to study abroad with MyCSULB ?

Study abroad at CSULB is possible. If you come from an other country than the United states an you want to study on CSULB you have first to proove you will be able to understand classes and speak English. MyCSULB is the 137st Best College for English in America (of 890)

All you need to know about requirement and admission criteria is on this page. Application deadline is April 1 (Fall) or October 1 (Spring). for information, there is a U.S. PASSPORT APPLICATION ACCEPTANCE OFFICE AT CSULB.

If you need more informations you can phone ((562) 985-7193) or write to the Assistant Director of international Admission : mindy.nieto@csulb.edu.

II.1.c) MyCSULB admissions office and enrollment services

In order to help you, MyCSULB enrollment services have done a SOAR (Student Orientation, Advising, and Registration) workshop.

The post SOAR checklist is :

  • Pay your fees/tuition
  • Correct your MyCSULB personnal informations (and the most important : you contact information).
  • Don’t forgot to the orientation programs is not finish and last all the year (Twitter: @LB_soar and Instagram: @LBsoar.).

For specific questions or issues, MyCsulb enrollment services email address is: es-tradm@csulb.edu. (It is also the csulb transfer admissions email)

Csulb admissions office’s location is Brotman Hall, 1st Floor Courtyard (for Beach Central Windows) and Brotman Hall 201 (for Beach Central Services). Their Mailing Address is:

  • California State University, Long Beach Enrollment Services. (1250 Bellflower Blvd. Long Beach, CA 90840)

II.1.d) MyCSULB login portal let you see your admission informations

You can view on MyCSULB your admission informations. After paying (on MyCSULB) your fees and Tuition, you will be able to enroll in classes and in the SOAR workflow.

It’s important to connect to your mycsulb account as soon as possible thanks to your CSULB Outlook email adress. If you want to change your email adress you have first to log in to MyCSULB portal with your actual email address. After that you can change your email on Personnal information > contact information option > edit. Don’t forgot to save.

II.2) What about MyCSULB Financial ?

MyCSULB in-state tuition and fees are $6,846; out-of-state tuition and fees are $17,142. (Median starting salary of alumni   :$49,600)

MyCSULB uses cashnet payment portal for money transactions.




CSULB cost per year

X2 semesters


                           X2 semesters
CSULB per unit cost


csulb average cost per part-time semester





csulb average cost per full-time semester




csulb payroll calendar


II.2.a) How to access to my MyCSULB financial Account ?

On MyCSULB there is a section named “Financial Accounts”. You can see here what you have paid or what you have to pay.

II.2.b) How to view MyCSULB Financial aid opportunities ?

There is also a section named “Financial Aid Opportunities” on MyCSULB. 71% of CSULB undergraduate students receive a financial aid. EOP team (EDUCATIONAL OPPORTUNITY PROGRAM) can help you having a financial aid. Don’t hesitate to contact them.

II.2.c) Mycsulb financial services

Mycsulb financial services number is 562.985.5471. (Monday-Thursday: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM)

The MyCSULB financial aid office is open on Mon – Thurs: 8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

The Counseling Service address is : Suite 201, 2nd Floor, Brotman Hall (Monday-Thursday: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Friday: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM). Take an appointement here before going there.

II.3) MyCSULB Open University

Open university is open for everyone (even if you are not admitted to CSULB). You can earn credits and take courses without teacher approval. You only need a MyCSULB account and you can participate to CSULB online degrees’ classes. Know more about open university here.

III) Why does MyCSULB.fyi exist ?

If you have ever felt the need for CSULB informations, here your search comes to an end. That is why MyCSULB.fyi exist.

III.1) Is MyCSULB.fyi affiliated with CSULB?

MyCSULB.fyi home page is currently not affiliated with CSULB but it is one of the most complete page about MyCSULB  that are available on the internet. Since most of the university and students around the world are using online services to pass on the knowledge and to communicate usefull informations, guides to help users find what they are looking for, are necessary.

III.1.a) What does the extension ".fyi" on "Mycsulb.fyi" mean?

“.fyi” means “For Your Information”. MyCsulb.fyi chose this extension because the goal of this page is to help student find what they are looking for as quick as possible.

III.1.b) Is MyCsulb.fyi's SSL certificate up to date ?

Yes it is ! And you can see it because this webpage’s URL begin with “https://” and not “http://”only. The letter “s” on “https://” means security. Don’t worry about anything because our MyCSULB website is completely safe and you can use it without any worries. By using our website, you will be able to access with your mobile phone or with your computer to an online experience because MyCSULB.fyi is responsive too. That will help you in having information from anywhere on your smartphone or tablet device without any restrictions. Since you don’t have to sign-up or sign-in on our website, you can start enjoying MyCSULB.fyi’s services right now.

III.2) MyCSULB.fyi features

By using our MyCSULB.fyi site, you will be able to see CSULB informations without any restrictions. You just have to make searches, and the content on our website related to your search will appear . Another good thing here is that CSULB have one of the biggest student population of Long Beach, if we build this website together by writting comment and question’s answer everyone will be a winner .

III.2.a) No Registration/Sign-Up on MyCSULB.fyi

 Most of social network sites  will ask you to register or sign-up on them for informations students shared. We believe in transparency and that is why at our website don’t have an option to register or sign-up. All of the visitors to our website can freely use it without any hidden charges. You just have to visit our MyCSULB.fyi free website, search what you want without any additional inputs.

III.2.b) MyCSULB.fyi Sleek Design

To make everything work faster on our MyCSULB.fyi website, we have worked a lot on the design as well. Since users are looking for sites to have online information without registration and sign-up, we have removed a lot of useless elements. You can easily navigate around and enjoy different features of MysCSULB.fyi without any assistance. 

III.3) MyCSULB.fyi review and will

We will keep coming up with more usefull information for student again and again. If you are facing any issues in using our website, then feel free to contact us regarding it. Our staff is constantly helping the visitors of MyCSULB.fyi in solving their problems. Moreover, if you have any suggestions for us, even then you can contact us and give us your feedback. If you are looking for something that is not yet on MyCSULB.fyi,  feel free to contact us.


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