How to do Csulb Immigiration Check-In

Do you want to know the process of csulb immigration Check-in? If yes, then you are in the right place. Here in this article, we will know how to do your immigration check-in. We will tell you to step by step guide to do immigration check-in at CSULB.

Before you check-in, make sure that you’re aware of a couple of things.

  • If you just arrived in the USA, you have three days to check-in after arrival.
  • If you are still outside the US, then wait until you arrive.
  • If you’re currently in the US, then check-in as soon as you receive your i-20.

Required Documents for Immigration Check-In at CSULB

  • Csulb I-20
  • Passport
  • Visa
  • Your entry stamp or i-94 card.

You can only submit the entry stamp or i-94 after you arrive in the US, and this is why you have to be in the US to do your check-in.

Exceptional Cases in Which You Will Need Extra Documentation

There are a few cases where some CSULB students may need additional or extra documentation to do immigration check-in at Csulb. Those areas following:

  • If you changed your visa status well in the US, for example, from a B visa to an F user, you would need the I-797 approval form you received from USCIS.
  • If your government sponsors you, you will need your financial guarantee documents.
  • If you are a Canadian student who received the f1 stamp at the border, you will only need to provide the i-94 or entry stamp.

How to Scan Document for Immigration Check-in at CSULB?

Csulb Immigiration Check-In

You only need to scan your documents to upload them and proceed with your checking here’s. Following is the process of how to scan your documents using your smartphone:

  • First of all, download any scanning app from the Playstore or AppStore. Open the app and scan your documents.
  • Your document on a background that contrasts with the darker color can scan an added document; if necessary, make sure to crop.
  • The image should be only the document. Also, make sure the document is readable. After that, choose the type of file to be saved, Pdf or JPEG, and export it.
  • When scanning, be careful with shadows, fingers on the document paper, folds, and variability.

CSULB Immigration Check-In Process

Now that you have all your documents ready let’s get started with a checking process at csulb. Before you began checking the session, open the email that you received from CSULB.

  • The email has a link to the checking page. First, download and fill in the checking form, which is a fillable PDF.
  • After filling it, you must save it as a PDF and keep it because you’re, going to upload a session. Proceed by clicking on click here to begin your session.
  • Section one is a government requirement for f1 status. You will go to my CSU OB to enter your current US address, phone number, and email.
  • In section two, you will upload your document, one by one, upload them to the required place. This window is for sponsor students to add financial guarantee documents.
  • In the third section, you have the image release form to choose if this school can or cannot use your photo. Read carefully and pick an option.
  • On this last page, you summarize important dates and important links such as health insurance, immunization clearance, initiation phase, and deadline.
  • We suggest you take a screenshot or take notes of this information.
  • Your student ID first and last name and hit next in you’re done on the very last page input.

This is all about how to do immigration check-in at CSULB. We hope this article will be helpful for you, and you will easily do check-in. Still, if you have any issues or queries, you can contact us through the comment.

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